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This Web Site is an attempt to link together a series of Web sites (plus other useful information) specifically for the Fourten shotgun (.410) user, collector and reloader.

Shooting this diminutive shotgun is a minority sport in the UK and information about, and for, the Fourten shotgun hard to come by.
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How about a copy of the most useful book on 410 reloading
you can buy !!   .....Details ... Ordering

  With Lead shot coming under more pressure.  
Some things to consider ....

What if Lead shot is banned?

And four articles from 'Light Gauges' on Steel shot at clays
Steel shot (part 1)   Steel shot (part 2)   Steel shot (part 3)   Steel shot (part 4)

Is Steel shot an acceptable alternative? and Steel: What sizes are really needed?

Marshall Williams discusses the Problems of replacing lead shot with steel
especially in small bore shotguns

Have a look at this ....
How dangerous is meat shot with lead shot   .....
.... Apparently .. Not Very,  Toxic Lead in food or ‘much to do about nothing

also ... Ian Summerell (Gunmaker) 'Lead Shot-Gate' Blog
and ... FACE UK Position on Lead Ammunition

Royal Armouries
Whats New
Previously published articles on the .410

Leeds, Fort Nelson and The Tower of London

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After a New Gun?

November 2020
Richard Gledhill looks at some subsonic cartridges
December 2016
ALOOF looks at skeet chokes for the .410
December 2016
Marshall has brought this gun to our attention  The IFG Howdah 45/410 Double-Barrel Pistol  ... Nice!
December 2014
Tim Woodhouse and Richard Oldfield present an  Ode to the lighter load
October 2014
Tim Woodhouse investigates  Blown patterns and balled shot
July 2012
Tim Woodhouse come up with some cracking  410 3/4oz loads for clays
June 2012
Marshall Willams tries the  American Tactical Imports (ATI) .410 Slugs
May 2012
Steve Thornhill undertakes a major  Rossi Squire makeover project with stock re-shaping and barrel re-blacking
August 2011
Marshall Williams and  .45/.410 Derringer
June 2011
A New book on Shotgun Performance Sporting Shotgun Performance - Measurement, Analysis and Optimisation by Dr Andrew Jones. Possibly the most complete book on Shotgun Performance there is. (Follow link, then click on the 'orders' pages to have a preview of the book)
March 2011
Marshall Williams and  The Taurus Judge and Self Defense Ammunition
March 2011
Marshall Williams and ALOOF on Savage Fourtenners
Courtesy of Shotgun Sports Magazine
November 2010
Tim Woodhouse on The Relentless Rise of the Small Bores
November 2010
Nick Wilson's article on British Firearms Controls, Part 1 : No Controls
August 2010
Tim Woodhouse on Firearms Control
July 2010
Tim Woodhouse goes Playing on the Skeet field
May 2010
Tim Woodhouse shows that Without lead, the .410 is dead
January 2010
Stephen Compton shows how to make a .410 Slug swaging die

Whats Not So New .......

We are indebted to Marshall Williams for being able to publish his thoughts and experiences with "The Maligned .410 bore", An Article on the Marbles Gamegetter, Contributions to our Messages Pages, and ALOOF and Related articles (Articles reprinted from Shotgunsports magazine and Gun Digest/Krause Publications plus 0thers!).

Many thanks also to Tim Woodhouse for his excellent very knowledgable articles.

We also wish to give our thanks to Robert Sears for being allowed to publish his article "Should a .410 be in your battery" (previously published in the "American Rifleman").

We are also very grateful to N. Bird for permission to publish his excellent article The .410 shotgun - versatile and efficient (previously published in "Shooting news")


Stephen Compton has put a huge amount of research into developing blueprints for a .410 slug swaging die

Because Its There!
American & British .410 Shotguns

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Because it's there!


Tim Woodhouse

2nd massive, fully revised and extended edition.

 10 new chapters , 60% more material.

Every possible aspect of shooting the .410 is extensively covered.
Game, Sporting Clays, Skeet, Mini FITASC, Cartridges, Reloading, Shot sizes & hardness, Chokes, Wads, History, Extensive Shot performance, Velocity, Energy & Penetration charts,  Gun tests: Over & unders, side by sides, autos, pumps, shot pistols, Comparison with the 28bore.The 'lost gauges' of 32 & 24 bore and much more.

Further details here

UK Customers:
Folkestone Engineering        01303 894611

USA Customers:
Carol Barnes
Gunnerman Books
P.O. Box 81697
Rochester Hills, MI 48308, USA
Phone 248-608-2856 VISA and MasterCard accepted

Also available from ..
Paul Morgan    Old & New Books on Fishing & Field Sports
Coch-y-bonddu Books, Machynlleth, Wales SY20 8DJ, U.K.
UK Tel 0870 300 2004         From overseas +44 1654 702837
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 American & British 410 Shotguns
Ronald S. Gabriel

Hardcover 208 pages.
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 0873496795


Representing the culmination of 30 years of research, this book catalogues the 125-year developmental history of the 410 in both Britain and the United States. Coverage includes makers such as Browning, Ithaca, Winchester, Boss, Holland & Holland, Purdey and others.

Also have a go with the shotgun-insights "Perfect Pattern generator"
(You will need to have an uptodate version of Sun Java loaded)

Richard Powell Slugs

Free Targets

Load a handfull of slugs into your Safir T14 ;-) and have a plink at this lot ...
If you have a computer and a decent printer, load it up with reasonably thick A4 paper/card (we use 160 g per sq metre) and print out the particular targets you require.


Trapshooting on the Computer
couldn't resist this bit of fun! (Ignore the reference to Skeet!!)


UK Police Firearms Guidance
Watch out for ...

This is an interesting guide and contains the UK Home Office interpretation of current UK Firearms (cicra 2010)  regulations and is an essential tool for the UK Firearms collector or Ammunition collector.
The file is a .pdf file (Adobe Acrobat format) and is 872 KBytes.
Right click the following link and 'Save Target As..' onto your hard disk.

Other UK Home Office Firearms documents.

Highly recommended..
The The Game Fair 
Whats Not So New

December 2009
Tim Woodhouse goes .410 Hunting for Quail and Woodcock
December 2009
Marshall Williams looks at some Mini Shells (OK, they are 12 bore but with .410 sized payloads!)
June 2009
Tim Woodhouse on .410 Chambersizes
May 2009
Webley & Scott .410 pistol, 1935
Jan 2009
Tim Woodhouse's articles, including Small Gauge Hunting practice with skeet
Courtesy of Shotgun Sports Magazine
Dec. 2008
Marshall Williams and the Polywad Gram Crak-R Loads
Courtesy of Shotgun Sports Magazine
National Smallbore Champs Results
and Report from Tim Woodhouse

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Tim Woodhouse and The 2 faces of the .410
Tim Woodhouse investigates TShot
Wylye Valley Small Gauge National Championships results
Ron Goodge has Nearly a life with a 410
Fun Patterning 410 loads
May. 2007
Tim Woodhouse revisits the Rem 1100 Special Sporting with reloading tips
Feb. 2007
Marshall Williams and the .. Remington Smallbore Wingmasters
Courtesy of Shotgun Sports Magazine
Jan. 2007
Marshall Williams tries the .. RIO #12 cartridges
Oct. 2006
Collecting .410 Cartridges .. the 'missing' email is here
Aug. 2006
Steve Thornhill on the .. Importance of patterning
June. 2006
Tim Woodhouse BASC .410 championships 2006
April. 2006
Marshall Williams Barnaul steel cased .410s
April. 2006
Tim Woodhouse Remington 1100 Special Sporting .410
Jan. 2006
Marshall Williams CZs Bobwhite and Woodcock
Dec. 2005
Steve Thornhill compares .. .410 and 36ga
Oct. 2005
Marshall Williams BASC .410 championships 2005
Sept. 2005
Tim Woodhouse BASC .410 championships 2005
April. 2005
Marshall Williams Book Review
March. 2005
BASC World Championships Friday June 3rd
Feb. 2005
Marshall Williams investigates
Winchesters 2005 Cartridge offerings

May. 2007
Tim Woodhouse revisits the Rem 1100 Special Sporting with reloading tips
March. 2007
BASC 2007 World Champs, 7th July
See below (also