ALOOF (and related articles)
By Marshall Williams.

Marshall Williams, MR. Old Fart to you

ALOOF is an imaginary club of four or five old farts who enjoy shooting together at their local range on Saturday mornings.
 I invented them as a vehicle to spout my opinions.  Of course, if you told the other members that I invented them it might ruffle their feathers.  Anyway, it is shotgun lore told as fiction.  The Judge is the technical expert who loves .410s.  Topper is the rich gun collector.  The Major the deaf and occasionally pompous old fart, Sunny the hunter wanna-be, and Grundoon the new shooter .

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The Maligned .410 Bore

Reprinted curtesy of :- The Gun Digest, 37th edition 1983, Author :- Marshall Williams.
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I love the .410
Reloading the .410
Small Bores and Shot Selection
Shotgun Patterns and Range
A Serious look at the .410 slug
Reloader in a Cigar Box
Book Reviews 
CZs Bobwhite and Woodcock
An Abercrombie and Fitch .410
The Remington Wingmasters
Polywad's Gram Crak-R loads

Reprinted curtesy of Shotgun Sports Magazine, P.O. Box 6810, Auburn, CA 95604.

Marbles Game Getter
Stevens Auto-shot/Off-hand shotgun
Harrington & Richardson Handy Gun
Not Quite 2" .410 Pistols
The .410 for Self Defence
Pre-Historic 410s, The .44 shot Cartridges
        plus Shooting the .44 Shotgun
A brief history of the Savage /Stevens 22-410 over/under
Shot stringing and the .410
Shot Protection Wads - Who needs 'em?
Winchesters 2005 loads, inc. 000 buck
RIO .410 load in #12 shot
The Barnaul’s Steel Cased .410s
My best day Hunting (atleast with a .410)
Mini Shells (OK, 12 bore but with .410 sized payloads)
The Taurus Judge
.45 / .410 Derringer