Over the course of the last 4 plus years I have been steadily working on developing a satisfactory 410 slug load that is as good or better then the 410 slugs commercially available.
In the course of this personal quest I have developed a swaging die to produce the actual slug component for such loads.

At this point I am satisfied enough with the design to be looking to share it with others so those with the necessary machining skills or access to a friend with the necessary machining skills may also start producing their own 410 slugs.  I do not wish to be sell the blue-prints or be paid for them.  The blue-prints remain my intellectual property which I have chosen to share freely. All I ask in return is that credit to the original designer (me) in the form of my name on the blue-prints be preserved and not be removed.  If I discover an impostor has taken these blue prints and passed them off as his/her own or worse yet is selling them I will not be very happy about it.  Such things unfortunately happen quite regularly on the Internet and it really annoys me and I feel that it is not unrealistic to expect that the position and wishes of the original designers/authors/artists/etc. be respected.

This website, www.fourten.org.uk, has graciously agreed to devote some memory space to host full resolution down-loadable blue-prints and a short "How To" article write up for the mutual benefit of all us 410-bore enthusiasts.


By downloading, viewing, or saving these blue prints and/or the related “How To” write up to go with them you agree to respect the wishes of the original designer in that these blue prints are to be shared freely and not bought or sold.  
Credit to the original designer namely, Mr. Stephen J. Compton, must be preserved.
You may make changes to the blue prints and redistribute them if desired, however, the fact changes have been made and the nature and origin of such changes must be noted along with providing a disclaimer that the changes made have not be reviewed or approved by the original designer.

Do It Yourself 410-bore Shotgun Slug Swaging Die V-3.1

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 Individual pages (.jpg):
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Instructions to go with Blueprints:
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  slugs_how_to.doc    (2.6 MB)


Slug swaging articles and blueprints © 2010 Stephen J. Compton.
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