Subsonic 410 Loads

By Richard Gledhill.


Shooting 410 moderated in a Bretton Gaucher from T & JJ McAvoy.

Having tried Eley 2" and 3" magnum subsonic with good results for many years, the 2" are not subsonic but the report over short ratting distances is acceptable.

Magnum subsonic are quite loud in sheds.
Lyalvale 3" magnasonic are good patterning shot and quieter than the Eley but not the Eley 2" version.

Gamebore subsonic were disappointing through both my single barrelled bretton gaucher barrels. The shot is not round and not generally uniform. Big holes in the pattern. Not as quiet as lyalvale but more quiet than Eley.

Fiocchi are big loads and very quiet, the report is a much deeper sound but is seems about half as quiet as the best so far being Lyalvale.
The small 2" holds as much as the 3" in other breeds. I am not making the difference between 73 MM and 75 MM you will have to do that for your chamber.

The 3" pushes a massive 25g out.
These are small shot sizes, 9 in 2"and 8 in 3" being the biggest available.
So far all this is testing for the Fiocchi but I cannot see them not being devastating on rats.
The pictures supplied: shot onto wallpaper at 15m
Shot onto 9" breeze blocks at 6m Fiocchi only.

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