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Probably the UKs best supplier of Shotshell reloading bits and pieces

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Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Cartridge , LLC  is a company dedicated to the production of obsolete and hard to find cartridge cases for the re-loader and black powder cartridge firearm enthusiast.

 Wideners Widener's has roots that run deep - in fact, the company goes way back into the late 1970's. Of course, we weren't selling much on the internet back then but it was in 1978 that Wideners.com founder Stan Widener first starting selling shooting supplies and reloading components. An avid hunter, it didn't take much for the bug to swallow him whole and his passion for shooting sports quickly turned into a full-time career.   https://www.wideners.com

Ballistic Products Ballistic Products Inc.
and their .410 page.

As. recommended ..
There is a company called Ballistic Products Inc. located in Corcoran Minnesota USA. They have a large selection of components for the 410 along with other gauges. Also they carry books, reloading equipment, tools, and have much loading data available for American and European components. I now use one of my "4" 410 shotguns more often than my 12 gauge guns for skeet and sporting clays. Try to contact Ballistic Products at "ballisticproducts.com" . They are a pleasure to deal with and have a good selection of quality products.

David R. Corbin
President Corbin Mfg. & Supply, Inc.
PO Box 2659
White City, OR 97503 USA

Phone 541-826-5211
Fax 541-826-8669
Email dave@corbins.com
Websites: http://www.corbins.com http://www.swage.com http://www.bulletswage.com
Office Hours: 9am - 5pm Mon-Thurs

Corbin Mfg. & Supply, Inc

We manufacture both commercial and home shotgun swages, and have a .410 slug swage die set that fits any standard RCBS, Pacific, or similar slotted ram reloading press (or our commercial grade $269.50 steel needle bearing press, for that matter, although for this press we have lower cost and higher performance slug swages available -- the press itself does some of the work we have to build into dies that fit reloading presses, so dies for it actually cost less than those for reloading presses).

The PRO-SWAGE slug swage fits any 7/8-14 threaded press, and its external or bottom punch, which forms the bullet nose, fits a T-slot ram just like a shell holder. The die makes any weight of slug you wish, by adjustment. It is like having a truck load of bullet moulds, except you get nearly perfect slugs without voids or air pockets, without melting any lead. Just use soft lead wire, stroke the press, and you have a finished and ready to fire slug with hollow base, round nose, and optional hollow point or other nose shapes.

(May 2002 prices) The die is $198 with nose and base punches for one shape each. Other shapes are $25. If you have two or more shape noses, you can use both in sequence with different insertion depths, and make shapes that neither would make by itself. Thus, two punches makes not just two shapes, but a wide variety.

Delivery can be a problem sometimes because we have been absolutely buried alive in orders for the past 30 years and it isn't getting any less as time goes on! I've hired more die-makers but the orders grow about as fast as our ability to fill them, and frankly, I don't want to be much larger because it ceased to be fun when you spend all your time in the books and none designing and talking with customers.
So, if you do order, be prepared for a wait of 3-6 months before delivery, somtimes. Not always...if we get two or three orders in a row for .410 slug dies, we'll make them all and some extras (everything is hand made and diamond lapped to exact size), and for a while, delivery will be next day. Then we'll run out and have to cycle through them again, and that is where the delay comes. One thing we do is maintain a straight forward honest dialog and not try to pull anyone's leg, either about what the products do or how long it takes to get them.

Swaging .410 slugs is a lot more fun than casting them, you'll find. It is faster, easier, and makes really nice looking pressure-formed slugs, with a finish transferred from the die interior. Without heat, it is safer, too. No fumes to upset mama and no hot pot to burn the kids. And more healthy than casting hot lead, as well. The only drawback has been the cost of good swage equipment, and the time to get it. I think the PRO-SWAGE is about as reasonable a cost as it is possible to make a good swage die, and it does replace a whole truck load of different weight moulds and is easy to change shapes. We ship lead wire all over the world, but you can get it cheaper locally...get .390 or larger diameter wire, but not over about .405 or it will be hard to put into the die.

Creative Shotgun Ammo
(includes .410 flares)

Worldwide Suppliers

We are manufacturer of high quality Wooden Gunstocks (OEM & ODM).

We can make all models (rifle. airgun, shotgun, special gun, a pistol grip .etc)
Our products are Handmade.
The quality has been admitted at the international market.
For detailed information, please click here (You should be surprised) http://www.evanix.com/gunstock/guns.htm

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