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W.J. Jefferys Folding .410 Shotgun (1912)

W.J.Jeffery & Co. Ltd.,London 1912

Articles, Books, Weblinks and other references

Books and articles specifically for the .410 shotgun and cartridges are a little 'thin on the ground' and I would gratefully receive any information on published items to add to this page.

We are very grateful to N. Bird for permission to publish his excellent article
The .410 shotgun - versatile and efficient (published in Shooting news 1987) from the point of view of the .410 as a small game and pest control weapon, with debate on shot sizes, shot 'balling', .410 adapters, shot pistols and sound moderators.

We are also grateful to Marshall Williams for being able to publish his thoughts and experiences with
"The Maligned .410 bore"
(Published in Gun Digest 1983)
.410 shotguns
Marbles Game Getter
Stevens Auto-shot/Off-hand shotgun
Not quite .410 Pistols (Pistol calibre shotshells)
and stories from his 'shooting club' ALOOF and related articles.

Tim Woodhouse looks at :-
The Remington 870 Express
The Lincoln OU and Urgartachea SxS

Steve Thornhill has .410 fun
Compares the 36g with the 410.
Patterns his 410

Stephen Compton has produced blueprints for the production of .410 swaging dies.

We are also grateful to Robert Sears for being allowed to publish his article (First published in the "American Rifleman" May 1981)
Should a .410 be in your Battery?

Ronald W. Stadt: Collecting .410 Shotshells and boxes

(The 'missing' email from Pietro Fiocchi is here)

Shotgun bore and chamber sizes reference.

Shot sizes reference.
Reloading for Shotgunners ISBN 0-910676-25-9 Editor
Robert S.L.Anderson

DBI Books

This book includes a very good article ( by Tom Roster) On the .410 ( and 28 ga) along with a number of 'recipes'
This edition is rather old and subsequent editions have different articles but all have listing of loads for .410s and excellent chapters on all aspects of shotshell reloading.

Reloading for Shotgunners -
4th edition
ISBN 0-87349-197-1 Kurt D. Fackler, M.L.McPherson

DBI Books

Gun Digest 1965 410 Adapters
How well do they work?

Follett Publishing

Better than you might expect, according to the 1 page article by Larry S. Sterett.
Featuring 3.1" adapters to 15.8" adapters, with, surprisingly, the shortest producing the best patterns!

The reloading manuals from the powder manufacturers are all worth getting and most include .410 loading data.

Gun Digest 1983
The Maligned .410 Bore
Marshall R. Williams

DBI Books

An Excellent Article shooting down many of the misconceptions about the .410 shotgun.
The article covers the many guns available (and shot by Marshall), The ability to take skeet and numerous small game, the patterning and type of .410 shells available with different shot sizes and a discussion of .410 slugs. We are very grateful to Marshall and Gun Digest Magazine/Krause Publications to republish this article

Articles on the Web

The .410 shotgun - versatile and efficient

The .410 slug - Capable or Comical.

The .410 bore - Chuck Hawks

The .410 Shotgun & A Young Hunter In Australia - Tony Santosuosso


What's a .410 good for ..

MCB on the Winchester 9410 and excellent slug info

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