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The following are plastic wads of different types.


Pattern Control PC-Orange wad with shot protection but no compression cushion.

Similar to the WinchesterWAA41 wad


Gualandi H27, H33 and H40 wads includes a shot protection cup and a cushion.
The H40 is suitable for 3" cases.

Gualandi Bior (longer),Dwarf and Micro compression wads offer cushioning but no shot protection

Felt/fibre/cork wads and card for over powder/under shot should be used in places that frown on the spreading of plastic litter.


This is the 16mm waxed cork wad available from Clay & Game reloaders
These wads pass through sound moderators without causing the build up of plastic residue associated with the use of plastic wads


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Wads and .410 Info

Circle fly wads

Fibre cushion, over powder and over shot wads and vegetable fibre wads

Our mission at Duster Wads is an ongoing commitment to excellence. Our objective is to exceed your expectations. We continually search for new an innovative ways to improve our products, manufacturing processes and service.

Powder data for .410 loads for most powders


Gualandi Mini Bior

Gualandi Mini BiorDwarf (Nana), Micro and H40

Available from Clay & Game Shotshell Reloaders


Pattern Control .410 loads

Available from Clay & Game Shotshell Reloaders




One reason for reloading is that many factory loads contain plastic wads where as many shooting grounds nowadays specify felt/fibre wads only.
(See the cartridge pages for more info)

There are many different forms of felt/fibre wads available. Some are a felt like material and require cardboard 'over powder' and 'under shot' wads to provide a suitable gas seal and to prevent the soft wads being driven into the shot. Such wads may also require doubling up to provide enough wad length for a correct crimp or roll turnover at the top.
Wads of various fibres (and some punched from building boards) may be used ( with suitable card wads at each ends).
Some composite or laminated wads allready come with card 'ends' and may be used as 'one piece' wads (easier and less fiddly to load). There are also some nice cork/waxed felt/cork layered wads available that load and work well.


Compression formed cases have a slight narrowing towards the primer end of the case (e.g. Winchester type) while parallel tube ones are just that.
Wads may state which type of cases the are made for.

2.5 inch (63 mm) and 3 inch (73 mm) primed (Cheddite CX2000) cases can be obtained from Gamebore via dealers.

I think the Gamebore cases are Cheddite


3 inch CX2000 primed

2.5 inch CX2000 primed




Brass Cases

It is possible to resize British .303 Brass cases for use in the .410 and also use .444 Marlin cases.

There are also sources of custom made Brass cases

or you may find a supply of elderly 'Alcan' brass cases from the 1960's

Have a look at the EndTimes report for .410 reloading too.


Empty cases will, of course, need priming .......



CX50 (Mild)

CX2000 (Hotter)

615 (Mild)

Blount CCI




Never substitute steel shot for lead (of vice-versa) in loading data!

Shotsize Reference.
Sizes 4 to 5 larger quarry, Rabbits etc. (maybe, At close range, Watch that (lack of) pattern)
Sizes 6 to 7 for close range vermin.
7 to 9 recommended for clays. (small sizes, better patterns, less range)
9 for close range clays (and skeet)

Eley 4,5,6,7,7,8,9
Shotwell/Gamebore 4,5,6,7,7,8,9

Or make your own ....

Littletons's shotmaker

With "Littleton's Incredible Shotmaker" you can make your own high quality, high dollar, Bismuth, Tin or Lead shot for reloading ammunition

On November 24, 2001 Alan Burgess and Mike Burgess purchased the Littleton Shotmaker business from Jerry Littleton.
We are currently contracting with our suppliers for the necessary materials to produce the Shotmakers. We expect to make our first shipments by January 15, 2002. Many of you have asked if we have Agents or representatives in various Countries.
The answer is we currently have none. We are Seeking Agents and Stocking Distributors everywhere. We are going to turn this Shotmaker Business into a machine that is available World Wide. We need good, viable Agents and Stocking Distributors.
Those interested in this exciting opportunity are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible. Those interested in one or two Shotmakers are contact us to confirm your continued needs.
The best way to contact us is by E-Mail at bbullets@nwi.net.
We can also be reached at (509) 762-4419.
We are located at: Burgess Bullets / Littleton Shotmaker
7588 Andrews St.
Moses Lake, Wa. 98837 U.S.A.

Thank you for your continued interest.
Sincerely, Mike Burgess