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Reloading Machines and Other Hardware

MEC Available from Clay & Game shotshell reloaders

MEC 600 in .410 is a good solid machine for loading 2 and 3" cases.

Lee Loader for .410 3" cartridges, mid 1960's vintage.
Not known to be currently available.

An inexpensive Lee Loadall II in .410 would be nice, if only they made 'em!


Though for small numbers of cartridges, you don't need machines to reload them.
Just something to stand the cartridges up in. A punch to decap used primers. Something to firmly hold the cases while you press in a new primer ( With care, an exploding primer is VERY forceful! Consider using new primed cases!).
Accurate scales and a small funnel for the powder.
A dowel to push the wad(s) in.
Some 'measure by volume' scoops for 0.5 oz or 11/16 oz shot ( or whatever quantity of shot you are using) and a 'Roll turnover' head in an electric drill to roll the top of the case onto the top card wad to retain the shot.


Accurate scales are a MUST for measuring small charges of powder.
These can be used in conjunction with powder measures using volume (like Lees inexpensive powder measure kit, a series of scoop type powder measures)

Good precision powder scales can be obtained from the likes of Lee , Lyman and RCBS.


Roll Turnover machines ( or Drill Heads )

The MEC and Ponsness/Warren loading machines have star crimp positions for reclosing the star crimps on, say, Winchester cases.
The majority of cases will require closing with a Cardboard top wad and a roll turnover.
These roll turnovers can be achieved with a special attachment that goes in an electric drill and is quickly applied to the open end of the completed case to roll the open end down onto the top wad.

Available from Clay & Game Shotshell Reloaders