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Here's a Savage Model 24 discussion board http://disc.server.com/indices/180203.html

11 Mar 2004

Hi I have been given a J.Stevens 4-10 single barrel, bolt action rifle- model 58B. It has a small magazine (5 shells?). Its in a bit of a state and needs some spare parts (bolt for a start). I wonder if anyone has any info on this gun, if spares are available and if its worth renovation?....paul

The Stevens Model 58 originally was introduced in 1934 and, with minor modifications, such as fixed or detachable magazine, remained in Stevens line as the 258 until about 1966. If your gun has a box magazine, the probable capacity is just three shots including the one in the chamber, as that is the maximum number of rounds allowed for hunting migratory birds and ducks under US law. (Many states do not restrict the number of rounds a hunter may use for non-migratory upland game birds.) These guns are not very collectible and have only modest value as shooters. Gun Parts Corporation (West Hurley, NY 12491, www.gunpartscorp.com) catalogs many parts for the Stevens Model 58B. Their huge catalog costs $12.95 in the US and is worth every penny as it provides an authoritative education on many discontinued guns. Marshall Williams

6th Nov 2003
S. Africa

I own a STEVENS .22/.410 O/U and I wonder if there is any good soul out there that could give me some idea as to the value of it.The reason for this is that I am moving to U.K. next year and if it is of significant value there I will endeavour to take it with me and dispose of it there.
The .410 is not popular out here (S.Africa) because of the exorbitant price of ammo.

I also have a C.G.BONEHILL (MAKER BIRMINGHAM) D/B 12 BORE with " twist steel" barrels.This gun is very well used and has suffered somewhat over the years.He must have been quite a go getter to have started his own factory at the age of 20. Thanks for a very good site-your web address is being sent to all my friends, regards Nick.

5th Nov 2003

Savage Model 24 .22/410, old, need disassembly and assembly instructions
Help! This firearm is not exactly intuitive as to how to disassemble and reassemble. Could anyone please send the basic procedure to break down the receiver? Thanks, Rob

29 July 2003
25 March 2006

I have a Stevens 9410 over and under with both barrels being 410 (not 22/410).  I've had it since approximately 1952.
The original stock and forearm were made of plastic but they were accidently broken and were replaced with a wooden stock and forearm. Could anyone point me to someone who could help me put a value on it?  I am in SW Arizona.  Is there someone maybe in this area that could help me?  Thanks for any and all help/info  Harold Bridwell

I recently inherited a shotgun, a J. Stevens Model 39A, and would like to get a rough idea of its date of manufacture. It is a .410 bolt action repeater, tubular magazine, plain stock with a pistol grip. It has no serial number, chambers 2.5" & 3" shells. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Iam looking for stock end cap for a stevens model 24 shotgun.does anyone out there have one they will part with?

I just gave my son his first shotgun for Christmas.The shotgun was given to me by my father.
I am trying to determine the history of this model. Stevens 94 series N, single shot .410 Please help!

I found your site through a search and am very impressed.(Many thanks, Editor) I never knew that in some places, the 410 is also known as a 36 gauge.... I read the section about getting a value of a gun and all of the information needed. I am wondering if you have any suggestions as to how I can learn more about the Stevens model 37 .410 that I have?
I am not looking to sell it, just would like some info about it. Thanks!!

I have a Savage/Stevens 410 model 940C shotgun I've had for at least 33yrs.
I got it from my grandfather at that time and would like some information about it. I am in Polk County, Florida, USA.


I would like to know if anyone in the UK has a Savage/Stevens 22-410 for sale. Regards Brian


I recently acquired a J. Stevens single shot 410 pistol and would like to find out more information about the company and the gun in specific. There is no model # on the gun but it is stamped with J. Stevens Arms company Chicopee falls, mass. USA. and on the other side has 410 gauge only.
Attached are a couple of pictures of the gun. Any information would be much appreciated. Blair USA

In 1920 J.Stevens became part of Savage Arms (See http://www.savagearms.com/history_contact/history.htm for a history).

See :- The Stevens Off-Hand Shotgun and Auto-Shot pistol, by Marshall Williams

I'm looking for a Stevens .410, Model 94C, single-barrel, top-lever and hammer.
I have a 59A , 410 model shotgun from stevens/savage arms thats around 50 plus years old. I'm trying to find someone that might have a sling in great condition for sale. the one that came originally with it is in bad shape. if you have any imformation on this type sling, thank you in advance
I just inherited a Steven's Model 59A 410 bolt action shotgun. It's in really great condition and I was just wondering what were the price ranges on this model?
I am looking for info on a 22-410 over under rifle Made by Stevens...please Help!

I have a Stevens firearm that is marked J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. on the receiver.The receiver is solid without a side plate. The barrel is marked 44 shot, has a bead sight and is 26 inches long. It's a lever action single shot. Any info on this gun would be greatly appreciated.

I have a 1940's Stevens Model 240 shotgun. Over&under. 2 triggers and 2 ambers. Good condition. Would like to know the value on it.

I have a J. Stevens Arms Company 22-410 O/U. I need a new stock for it. I put some kind of stock glue it about a year ago, but it broke again. It is broke below the trigger. There is a synthetic stock on it now. I would like a wood stock for it if possible. If you could help me. Thanks

Past on from grandather a 59A bolt action 410 stevens,i hunted for years with it now its time for some repairs.before i can pass it on mostly a few worn out parts can anyone help on this matter.
thanks john dickey salem ohio.

I'm looking for information on a single-shot .410 Stevens Arms Company shotgun. Text on top of the barrel reads "Patented August 12, 1913" and "410 Bore or 12 M-M". No model number that I can find, just Stevens Arms Co. trademark/patent info on one side and their address on the other. Any information on it's history and value would be appreciated. Thanks!

Since this post, I've found out a couple things, but none of them shed too much light onto this gun.
I did find what appears at least to be a model number - 512 CO - stamped on various parts of the gun. Now, the problem in that lies in the fact that there was no model 512, so it doesn't help too much.
Someone also mentioned that prior to being bought by Savage in 1920, Stevens guns were stamped with "J. Stevens Arms & Tools Company". After they were bought, the name stamped on the guns was "J. Stevens Arms Company", which was discontinued in the late 1940's. My gun has the latter stamping, so I guess that places it's manufacture between 1920 and the late 40's - nice to know, but still... Would like to find out why a model 512 CO isn't listed anywhere.

I have a single shot 410 3in stevens (by savage) model 950 full size rifle. I would appreciate any info anyone could provide about this specific model (950); such as year made. Thanks,

I am trying to get an idea of what a Stevens 22/410 over/under, Stevens savage arms corp. is worth. Any help appreciated. Sincerely, S.Kahn

I just bought one in real nice shape for under $250, and have seen a number of the Savage model 24s in that price range. My brother in law who has been a BIG shotgun collector for decades has told me that this is one a good gun to buy now and hold on to for a a while as they are just starting to become collectibles, more so than the other combinations like the 30/30 over 12 guage. This is a great little gun.

I am trying to find savage co. four ten barrel inserts to convert 28 ga. to .410 . these inserts were made by savage some years ago. they were named the FOUR-TENNER.
I am interested in purchasing a Stevens Model 311 H .410 gage side by side shotgun ,and I was wondering if anyone could give me some details on the gun.
Does anyone know the approximate age of this gun. Also what would be the details on a 311 A?
I looking for the approximate years the H and A were made and if Savage Arms or Stevens produced the gun. Is the gun a collector or not? Please let me know if you have any details.
Sincerely, JohnB
Savage .410 Can you help me find a manual. We found a shotgun in my mother - in law's garage. It appears functional but we would like to find a manual. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you