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Webley .410 Bolt Action Gun, Circa 1953

.410 Shotguns

The choice in .410 shotguns seems a little limited compared to its 12 bore larger brother, though many makers have made (if not still do) .410 shotguns.

You can find Holland and Holland, Boss, Cogswell and Harrison .410s (if you are lucky, or rich) though you are more likely to come across one of the many older (or not so old) single and double barrel Belgium and Spanish folding shotguns (enquire at your local gun shops). The doubles being of more use on a 'Clay' layout.

The 'older' guns also include the likes of the BSA and Webley bolt action single barrel guns which are great fun to shoot.

Some old military rifles have been 'bored out' to produce .410 bolt action shotguns, an example being Enfield SMLE etc.

If you wish to venture into the word of reloading or like to use the heavier 'magnum' 3 inch cartridges, Ensure that you get a gun chambered for 3 inch cartridges.

Many of the older guns have 2.5 inch chambers and can not be used with 3 inch cartridges!

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Combination Guns

Savage Model 24 Combination Over and Under (Multiple calibres / bores though .22LR over .410 popular)
Here's a Savage Model 24 discussion board http://disc.server.com/indices/180203.html

Additional info at A.K. Church's excellent website

Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory M-6 Scout Survival Gun

Various .22 LR or .22 Hornet over .410 shotgun

Tons of information about this at A.K. Church's website

ALSO the M69601 Scout 16" Carbine

See below for the pistol version



American Derringer

The Legendary M-1 .45 Colt/.410...
Our Most Popular Gun Length: 4.82 inches Barrel: 3 inches Height: 3.35 inches Frame width: .9 inch Grip width: 1.2 inches Weight: 15 oz. 2-shots with automatic barrel selection
All American Derringers are equipped with a manually operated Hammer Block type safety. The safety automatically disengages when the hammer is cocked.

Falco Arms

Harrington & Richardson

Harrington & Richardson Handy Gun



Leinad, Inc.,221 HWY 68-North, Ducktown, TN. Many single-barrel and double-barrel handguns with a "bird's head" grip design (Wayne E. Daniel)


Marbles Game Getter


The Argentine made Rexio pistol

Springfield Armory

M69501/2/3/4 Scout 10" Pistol
Caliber .22LR .45 Long Colt .410
Rifle Barrel .22 LR 1:15 RH six-groove/.22 Hornet 1:13 RH six-groove
Shotgun Barrel: .45 Long Colt/.410 gauge 3" chamber
Barrel Length: 10"

Stevens Stevens Auto-shot/Off-hand shotgun

Taurus 45LC/.410ga revolvers

Taurus Ultra-Lite

Taurus Judge and Video


Thunder Five .45LC/.410ga revolver (.45-70 cylinder also takes .410ga shells), 3" chamber.