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Name: lyn
From: cheshire
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hi found sleeper in loft 410 small cal possibly deer rifle converted to 3inch 410 blissett and son liverpool in old brady case canvas and leather all colour is absolutely stunning like it was made yesterday engraved with stunning scroll work on action and butt plate retaining all blueing anybody know anything about blissett or value to scared to use it thanks lyn
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: jason hamer
From: bath
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Hi There does anyone on here know of a single barrel fourten with a silencer for sale plz
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Name: John Turner
From: Bedford,England
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I have an Urgatechia side by side boxlock non ejector. The forward trigger shoots the right barrel and that seems to be the choked barrel.
The rear trigger shoots the left barrel and is the open (but tight) bored barrel.
Any comments as this seems to be the wrong way round.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Don Schiedel
From: Fairfield Iowa
E-mail: Contact
Seen your website and always enjoy shooting the 410 while shooting Skeet.
I noticed you have a new book out about the 410. I was wondering how I might purchase a copy. Thanks ---------Don Schiedel

Admin reply: All purchasing details about Tim Woodhouses excellent book 'Climbing the North Face of the .410' are on the front page of the website.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Marshall Williams
From: West Virginia, USA
E-mail: Contact
This responds to Robin's inquiry about the suitability of using a .410 shotgun loaded with slugs for match shooting against rifles. I have some experience with the common little hollow based "rifled slugs," also so called Foster slugs after the designer. I foresee two problems. First, rifled slugs of any size offer inferior accuracy when compared to a rifle. My experience with the little .410 slugs has been five shots from bench rest at 25 yards will plop into about a five inch group most of the time.

The second problem is cost. The dealer cost on these in the US runs close to a dollar a shot. Reloading may be a possibility, but most slug reloads are less accurate than factory slug loads.

I also have some experience shooting steel plates and Pepper Poppers in IPSC and IDPA pistol competitions. The energy of the slug is indeed comparable to the .357 magnum, but its momentum, which translates into knockdown on steel targets, is probably a little less.

The common Foster slug for the .410 weighs 1/5 ounce or about 87.5 grains and has a muzzle velocity of about 1810 fps. Federal and possibly other manufacturers offer a "heavy" version of the Foster slug for the .410. It weighs 1/4 ounce or 109 grains and has a muzzle velocity of 1775 feet per second. Velocity drops to 1540 fps at 25 yards and 1337 at 50 yards.

To get a fair idea of how the knockdown power of the .410 compares to common rifle loads, simply multiply the bullet weight times the velocity for each load and compare them. The difference in knockdown will be proportional.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Rex
From: Georgia, United States
E-mail: Contact
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Ray's Gunstock Service? Recently I saw a stock repair/refinish job he did on an old 410 and the quality of the work is outstanding. The owner told me that there was ad on this website but I could not locate it.
Thank You,

Admin reply: We have 2 email addresses,
and and their advert in on our 'Suppliers' page, Hope this helps.

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Robin
From: UK
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I have really enjoyed reading your website purely from a curiosity point of view at this stage.

I have been shooting in a variety of different ways for many years but I have always avoided shotguns. I only do target shooting and shotguns always felt like using a sledgehammer to crack walnuts. I never knew that .410 was a viable alternative to 12 gauge.

From what I have read so far .410 could provide quite a versatile alternative.

I apologise if I have read this wrong but it seems to me that .410 using slug offers a number of the qualities required for centre-fire gallery rifle shooting - ie 'pistol' calibre, adequate accuracy up to 50m, balistics comparable to .357 magnum (should be within the range parameters of most gallery ranges) and (for the UK) in semi-auto.

The same gun could also then be used for practical shotgun type courses as well as clay shooting. Could a .410 knock over the standard practical steel plate or pepper-popper?

That could cover a very wide range of shooting disciplines, pretty much everything apart from the pure precision and long range stuff with one gun.

The hard part would be 1) getting the NRA to allow shotguns to compete as a gallery-rifle, 2) getting the UKPSA to allow anything that doesn't batter the shooter to compete in PSG and 3) you can imagine the looks on people's faces if you turned up to a clay shoot with a Safir T-14.

Nothing that a change of attitudes/prejudices/rules couldn't work round.

The main argument against .410 seems to be that you can't kill deer with it at 100yds but all I need it to do is put holes in paper at up to about 50yards at the most.

Several times I have seen the question "What use is a .410" but in a country limited to smoothbore semi-autos and stringent range restrictions for target shooting, I think .410 has a good case.

I'm probably overlooking some crucial points here but it looks like a good idea on the surface. Perhaps some kind of shooting Triathlon - skeet, practical and target - all you change is the ammunition. Sounds like fun to me.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: tony
From: bradley il.
E-mail: Contact
im looking for a over and under 22 over un able to walk much so i thought i would be able to hunt squirrel i could get about $150.00 ihave been saving for some time, if anyone could help me i sure would thank you. thanks tony
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Ian
From: Crete
E-mail: Contact

I was on the Baikal website and saw a shotgun, MP-27M "Junior". It has 24 inch barrels and comes in 4.10 and 28 bore and is a single trigger under & over. It has an overall length of 393/4 inches. It has walnut woodwork and weighs 3 kilos. I thought they would be OK for teaching youngsters & women. I have made some enquiries here in Crete Greece and nothing is known about this model.

Has anyone had any experience with this model, and where they can be purchased?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Maxter Jock
From: Illinois
E-mail: Contact
Could 45 colt brass be used in a Tube fed pump 410?? I was thinking about loading it with Number 12 shot.. or could a hand loaded for low pressures be use in the same tube fed pump shotgun?

Admin reply: Not likely. The .45 Colt case is a trifle too fat for the .410 chamber. I tried several brands of .45 Colt ammo in several .410 chambers and none fit. The .410 chambers are compaticle woth most .44s ad many older American shotguns are marked .44-.410. These guns have two inch chambers and were intended for both the 2 inch .410 and the old .44 shot cartridges based on the .44-40. The best known of these probably was the .44 Game Getter. The ALOOF section has a couple of articles addressing this. Also, pictures of my handssome self and the rest of ALOOF. Marshall Williams.
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